Roe vs Wade: Negotiating Women’s Rights

Talking about motherhood, what’s happening to US lawmakers? Instead of guaranteeing equality and freedom to all people, they seem to be going back to the Middle Ages.

Recently, a leaked draft of Supreme Court opinion that would overturn legalised abortion across the country became public. That possibility has become an authentic threat to women’s autonomy over their bodies.


This conservative response seems just insane. We are experiencing crazy times where some people are comfortable with fundamental human rights being selective. Even when history has shown time and again this is not the way.


Some women have been comparing this situation to Margaret Atwood’s “Handmaid’s tale”, a fiction where a conservative and theocratic group of men have all the power over women. There is a “moral code” for regulating every aspect of people’s lives and relationships. Suddenly, all women are forced to give birth to children for the regime. They are not able to decide on their reproductive future.


Even though this is a dystopian fiction, the situation we are living in reality could affect another fundamental righs like same-sex marriage, or freedom of speech.

Women rights are non negotiable. In Born Brown All Rights Reserved we stand for the right to be human BE-ings.