Meet Tab Wolod

Die Hard Entrepreneur. Born Brown Contributor.

Tab self defines as a rebel who has never been interested in conventional paths. And that’s SO true!

“I’ve always been very unconventional. I’m a rebel.”

That conviction led to the creation of Ideas Equal Income: a biz dev company that helps individuals transform their ideas into income by providing operational, marketing, and project management support.

“IEI is my baby. It was built off the premise that if you have an idea, you have an income.”
Tab is a regular Born Brown Contributor that believes in the urgency of protecting universal human rights.

“We are developing social enterprise. We are dedicated to the liberation of People of the Global Majority so that includes Black, Indigenous, People of Color, women, LGBTQIA + around the globe.”

We want to share more of Tab’s energy with you on this episode of “Conversations with Liz Gold”:

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