Meet Phil aka Corinne

Storyteller. Podcast Host. Born Brown Contributor.

Phil is a podcast host, stylist, wedding officiant and storyteller at heart connecting people and ideas together in a way that resonates beyond the superficial, and challenges the way we think. They are continually interested in capturing unique stories and sharing them with the goal of educating and entertaining. They are especially dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ community and created Transition of Style, a podcast that brings focus to the unique “style journey” queer individuals embark on when seeking an authentic identity. They understand that neither style nor identity is static and that either one or both can be in a constant state of flux.

Phil has a varied career starting in music management. They then shifted to technology, serving as an Applications and Full Stack Developer at Boston Consulting Group and Applications Developer at JP Morgan Chase in New York City. They were a founding member of QueerCut, a radically inclusive e-commerce platform, engaging queer brands and customers. All of this experience has given them the ability to understand the complex nature of creation, development and distribution.

At present Phil is the host of Transition of Style, and co-host of the I’m From Driftwood podcast.